Why is it compulsory to incorporate CDN services for your website?

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Once in your professional career, you must have heard about the concept of CDN, right? And what is CDN? Your answer must be Content Management Service but if I ask in depth about CDN then it will become tough for you to answer all technical terms of CDN. Not to worry about this because, in this post, I will jot down all terms in detail related to CDN.

Why was CDN introduced?

When CDN introduced, the web content was stored on hosting servers and this results into rising in the latency because of the vast distance between the host and end users. This can again reduce the speed and performance of the web pages leading to massive dissatisfaction. Due to this, users have to wait for a specific amount of time for a solution or response from the hosting provider after generating a request.

After the arrival of CDN, terrain distance between the end users and host has reduced to the large extent. CDN has benefited the business in multiple ways and one of them which is very important is the speed. In spite of any size of business, the method of including CDN varies but aim remain same.

Working of CDN

CDN helps to fetch the data from the nearest server to meet the requirement of users instantly.  In short, it is a node of the network that is distributed across the world with the aim to deliver content to the clients. With a CDN, the distance of content traveled from the host server to the user is decreased up to some extent. CDN provides minimum website loading speed regardless of the time, location and amount of traffic of the web pages. For great user experience and quick server response, the modified algorithm was incorporated to ensure that traffic is managed, the cost is supervised and loading time is minimized.

CDN Service and Content Distribution

CDN is not only beneficial for managing huge traffic, but also for the following kinds of content distributions:-

1) Progressive Downloading:-

This usually happened when a huge file is downloaded along with the execution at the same time. Because of this, users find it easy to take benefit of downloading files without waiting to get them downloaded. This pattern is mostly used for feeds and advertisement videos to seek the attention of the users.

2) Downloading:-

A large file like software distribution requires secure access and faster speed. With the help of CDN, you can resume the downloaded file from a pause because of periodic connection and you can download immense files smoothly.

3) Streaming:-

CDN provides unbroken delivery of contents and video broadcasts that can be perceived at any point of time.

CDN and eCommerce:-

Without CDN, eCommerce is nothing as it is directly connected to the traffic and increases the performance of the website. A real-time information is offered to the users worldwide that in return gives the potential client. Due to latency reduction, users encounter the images and CSS files instantly without any hassle. In short, it is ensured that with the help of CDN customers should confront the pleasant experience in spite of any location. Looking for Business Web Hosting to enhance your eCommerce performance, then check MilesWeb Hosting!!

What causes the websites to slow down?

1) Issues and standards of the applications, software and media files are emerging rapidly and delivering them instantly is the ultimate aim of hosting provider and organizational infrastructure. However, the shortfall of storage space, server volume, bandwidth and more, decrease the performance of the website remarkably.

2) A website starts consuming more resources because of large files that include text, audio and video files. This results in the growth of traffic and slows down the speed of the network.

3) Visitors use multiple devices to access the internet and this may slow down the speed and performance of internet. Therefore, it is necessary to design a responsive website along with the desktop.

To overcome such issues, CDN provides a proper solution to these concerns by offering diversified contents to multiple users that are located at distinct locations.

Is it compulsory to implement?

As per the study, it is assumed that the user expects a website to load within a 2 seconds or less than that. If website loading speed is more than 2 seconds then user switches to the new website and this causes loss of a potential customer from your website. Even though the website is captivating, but the loss of speed tends to reduction of traffic.  On the other hand, CDN is a pragmatic technology that provides liveliness to the websites by superior speed without any error. It improves the working pattern of voice, video, games as well as mobile content. You can operate your business without CDN but adding CDN will take your business to another level. Switch to Cheap VPS Hosting for better performance as compared to shared hosting.


In the above post, I have mentioned all necessary points that are beneficial for your website.  Incorporating a CDN will be more useful and it is 100% assured that your website visitors will encounter great user experience. Last but not least, it is equally important to get the best hosting provider that will provide you best CDN service at affordable cost.  In addition, make sure that you get quality support along with other essential parameters.

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