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Change is inevitable, with the changing pace of technology, things need to be changed and updated, so is the case with the WordPress, and various editors have been working on this change since months.

So let’s get started with knowing more about this new Gutenberg WordPress editor which has been named after Johannes Gutenberg. The main goal of the new update is to make things easier for the new users of the WordPress.

The team is working on this and it is still onto the testing phase. Before the update is totally installed the founders are hoping for 100,000 active installs as this will fix a lot of bugs and corrective actions can be taken on time. The team is encouraging active participation of the users to give their feedback about the update.

You can easily download the latest version of Gutenberg from the WordPress repository or by searching for it within your WordPress dashboard under “Add New” plugins. Gutenberg is going to be a perfect change for writing on laptops.

Its more focus is on the writing part providing zero distractions. It gives you access to more than one screen, it gives you kind of halfway in between the currently available distraction-free writing mode.

Exploring the new Gutenberg

You would surely love the new additional feature which will be launched and is in the testing phase. So after you install the Gutenberg you will see links that will allow you to open up the Gutenberg editor.

The new update will not replace the original version i.e. the default WordPress editor. As it is the testing phase and they don’t want users to get stuck in any kind of bugs so you can easily bounce back to the default version.

The new version supports the custom page types and pages as well. When WordPress 5.0 would be launched which is near future, Gutenberg will be the default editor then but then also you will have the option to install the classic editor if you run into compatibility issues.

WordPress 5.0 would for testing purpose add a new menu in your WordPress dashboard which contains a demo and you can also create a new post on it. The new Gutenberg has more writing space as compared to the current visual editor.

The editor is more focused on “writing first” and is trying to provide a less distracting environment. Moving on to some more features of the new version, now you can easily switch between the visual editor mode and text editor, you will have HTML comments at the beginning and end of each block.  Now you can easily create the blocks directly from the text editor mode. Also this has done wonders on mobile application as well.

Some of the pros which have been witnessed in the new Gutenberg Editor are as follows:

  1. Gutenberg has this feature which provides a less distracting experience in working with more screen space

  2. The new Gutenberg WordPress editor would be loved by publishers that prefer the newer Medium style editing experience. They would definitely love the update as it would provide them with a better experience.

  3. The new Gutenberg provides a tighter integration between core, theme developers, plugins, and the editor. It is a whole new experience which the users are enjoying.

  4. The new update provides new alignment options which are a step forward for larger resolution screens and full-width template and responsive sites.

  5. It is the best platform for the new users as it is very easy to operate.

  6. The new Gutenberg update can make a custom block which can be easily created by theme and plugin developers.

  7. As it is not fully launched and is in the installation phase, it still is working great on the mobile phones and its usage is lot more than it was anticipated. You can now easily make edits from your phone itself when in hurry.

  8. Another thing which is very prominent about Gutenberg 0.4.0 is that it aims to have specific handling for converting Word, Markdown, and Google Docs to native WordPress blocks. This is an amazing feature which is added in the new update.

The advantages of Gutenberg WordPress Editor certainly weighs more than its cons. Additionally, the many plugins available in the market makes it a lot more functional and user-friendly. CosmicWP, a fine plugin can allow you to add readymade blocks and customize it as well. So, if you are choosing Gutenberg Editor, you are about to make your WordPress sit better.

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