Comparison between iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7

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This is the age of Smartphone and you can easily find Smartphone in the hand of every person. In this competition market it is quite difficult to choose a Smartphone because all brands are just offering same features in same range of price. The only thing is Brand and that always matters a lot. There are many phone companies those offer diverse eye-catching features in there smart phones. Among them Samsung and Apple are two most renowned smart phone companies those are known as the leading mobile companies in the mobile marketing sector. Samsung recently decided to release the next mobile phone i.e. Galaxy S7 it is true that till now there is no official confirmation came in front of people about the real date and any specification information regarding this handset. But people are spreading many rumors about this hand set even they compare the upcoming IPhone 7 which is just unbelievable.

Expected Specification of IPhone 7

The expected release date of IPhone 7 is September 2015. Apple as usual going to offer a tremendous Smartphone i.e. IPhone 7. The specification of this handset may be:

  • The screen size may be 4.7 to 5.5 and IPS display but not declared yet
  • 13 mega pixel rear camera with optical image technique
  • Rumors says that this phone is a waterproof handset
  • People expected reversible USB charger from this mobile phone which is unbelievable
  • Touch ID display comparable in IPhone 7

Rumor specification of Galaxy S7

It’s true that in brand wise Samsung never beat Apple but if you closely compare all the specification of these two mobile then you will find that Samsung will far ahead than IPhone 7. But in both case there is no perfect information till now from the office. So it is quite difficult to say now which one is better than others.

Rumor Specification of Galaxy S7 is like

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 coming with 30 MP rear camera and 10 MP front camera which is unbelievable
  • The internal memory people expected i.e. 128 GB. If Samsung will provide then this mobile will be the 1st high storage mobile phone.
  • People expected 4 GB RAM for smooth operation
  • 64 bit Exyon processor people expected from this handset
  • One interesting rumors coming in front that Galaxy S7 will offer eye-retina scanning technology which is just unacceptable.

If you will compare now from the above two specifications of these mobile phones, then Samsung Galaxy S7 will far ahead than IPhone 7. Now it’s too hard to say which one is the best and which will be the best selling but it will clear after the release of details official specificities. So from now the rumors can be put bad effect on people. You may feel harass after the release of the phone if you will not find any single features as per your expectation. Now the scenario is quite interesting and people also waiting for the date of release of the Galaxy S7.

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