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What is a Cloud Server?

A Cloud server is a logical server. It is primarily a virtual server. A Cloud server is built and hosted through a platform of Cloud computing. It is also delivered through a Cloud computing platform and it is done over the internet.
A Cloud server is same as a typical server. A Cloud server possesses and exhibits almost the same functionalities and capabilities, as a typical server does. The main difference lies in accessing a Cloud server. A Cloud server is accessed remotely from a provider of Cloud service.

A Cloud sever is basically an Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS based model of Cloud service. Cloud Servers can also be divided into two categories. The first being the Logical Cloud server and the second being the Physical Cloud server.

A Logical Cloud server is delivered through virtualisation of the server. This is a typical service delivery model. Here, a Physical server is logically distributed into two or more than two logical severs. Every logical Cloud server has its own operating system. It also has its own user’s interface with applications. All of these Logical Cloud servers share their physical components from the same underlying physical server. These logical servers have all the software they need to operate and are capable of functioning as completely independent units.

The Physical Cloud server is also accessed remotely. This access of the Physical Cloud server is also done over the internet. But this Physical Cloud server is not shared with any other user or its resources are not distributed among multiple users. This Physical Cloud server is also popularly known as Dedicated Cloud server.

How does a Cloud server work?

A Cloud server operates through Cloud computing environment. A Cloud is formed through multiple servers, which are connected with each other. These servers are also connected with the internet. These severs can be rented as a part of application or software service.
These servers, those are linked with each other to form a Cloud, always share the total workload. It facilitates the process of distributing complex processes across several smaller computers, instead of using the resources of a single and a powerful machine.
Many distributes resources function as one, in a Cloud. It makes Cloud capable of withstanding the damages, done by any disaster, since the data is distributed all over the Cloud.

Advantages of a Cloud Server-

  • It provides best security and stability to the user. Any software problem is isolated from the user’s environment. No one can impact the Cloud server.
  • Cloud servers are fast, secure and stable. These servers do not have any issues related to hardware. These Cloud servers are also very low budget products.
  • Cloud server provides faster service than any other similar services. It also provides greater number of resources than other servers, especially of physical servers. A web site hosted on Cloud server runs faster than others.
  • Cloud servers provide great scalability to its users. It is quick and easy to be upgraded, just by adding memory and disk space.
  • Cloud servers are also the most affordable servers, as it is used on “Pay per Use” model, by the users.

What is Cloud Server Hosting?

Cloud Server Hosting is a service provided to its users. This service is made available to the users over the internet, whenever the users make a demand for this service.
Cloud server hosting service is provided by a number of servers, those are connected with each other, to form a Cloud. It is more reliable and accessible than other servers.
ComputeHost, the world’s leading hosting service provider, provides the best Cloud server hosting service to its customers. It provides the service at a very reasonable price with optimum performance level.

Data Center Services India-

India has witnessed a tremendous growth in adopting Information Technology services in its day to day business and service activities, with the growth in its economy and commerce. The businesses and services in India have started operating online. The commercial and industrial functionalities are resorting to host their web sites and other applications, on different types of servers.

This has led to a very good growth in the introduction of hosting service providers in India. Data centers are now in plenty in numbers in India, providing able support to these hosting service providers and their servers, providing hosting services to their customers.
There are numerous data center service providers, operating in India, currently. These data centers meet the criterions of classifications under Tier IV and Tier III. ComputeHost, the global leader in service providers, provide best data center services in India. This company offers best uptime, low latency and round the clock, 365 days technical support by expert team. This company has Tier III and Tier IV data centers in almost all major cities in India.

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