Is Cloud Hosting India Better than Traditional Web Hosting?

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Cloud hosting India solutions are in a lot of demand because of the scalability and affordability of these solutions. Using cloud computing technologies, businesses can expand seamlessly as they are able to avail of resources in real time. Resources are made available from multiple servers connected to one another in a network, instead of a single server as in traditional web hosting.

What are the reasons to choose cloud hosting India plans?

  • Among the many reasons to sign up for cloud hosting India plans, the most important is perhaps the fact that cloud computing offers all kinds of resources that are needed by businesses to grow. All the latest versions of software are made available for clients as soon as these get launched. The provider also takes care of all necessary upgrades and updates whenever new features and functions are introduced. This is a big advantage compared to home-grown software that is likely to have new upgrades or releases only once a year.
  • When you choose cloud hosting India, businesses can do away with private data centers and eliminate internal staff needed to monitor these servers. This helps to cut down on carbon footprints too. It brings down both capital and operational costs.
  • With cloud hosting India, businesses enjoy a high degree of flexibility as far as payment is concerned. Companies only have to make payments for the resources they have requested for, and nothing extra. Therefore, resource utilization is optimum and there is no wastage. Greater resources can be conveniently provisioned when there are sudden traffic peaks. The resources can also be downscaled when demands fall. This is also a huge benefit compared to traditional hosting where you would have to buy ample resources for all times, whether you needed them or not.
  • The good part about signing up for cloud computing solutions in India is that companies can get resources whenever they need these in real time. Some vendors can offer a very high uptime of nearly 99%. Connections do not get disrupted easily and applications can be accessed from anywhere. Incidentally, you will even find apps that are capable of working offline.
  • With cloud hosting India plans, businesses benefit from greater mobility. Employees get to access data from any location in the world. This enhances productivity as they can now share documents and work on projects from various locations. The improved collaboration in the workforce lets people share data in real time and this in turn improves customer services.
  • Cloud hosting in India is cost effective as businesses do not have to bear costs of maintaining data center facilities. This is a big advantage compared to traditional computing where businesses would need to spend millions prior to getting return on investments from their data centers.
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Finally, cloud hosting is preferred as there is least environmental damage. Businesses use fewer servers which mean less consumption of energy and resources are got from virtual servers. There are fewer data centers all over the world too which indicates reduced impact on environment.

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