Better Way of SMS Marketing is with SMS Providers

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Everyone knows that time is money and you will save a lot of time with SMS marketing so that you can focus on other areas of business. It is a simple and easy process, and with the scheduling component of SMS, you can simply organize your SMS marketing campaign at a later date. This is a huge benefit because you can manage your time efficiently.

Who is an SMS service provider?

An SMS provider provides an SMS gateway solution by acting as an intermediary between the SMS receivers and the cellular network operators. Such providers collaborate legally with mobile network firms to get consent for sending/receiving SMS messages with the help of their cellular networks. Then they provide an interface for users to send and receive SMS messages. Some of the interfaces are quite user-friendly because they conceal the comprehensive details of SMS messaging. In addition, some are quite powerful and capable of supporting more features.

SMS service usually purchases a large number of SMS messages from many wireless carriers at a lower cost per SMS message. This way, they are able to provide the end customers with SMS solutions at a much reasonable cost.

They are also known as SMS gateway providers. They provide an SMS gateway for its users so that they can send SMS messages. This SMS Gateway will then route the SMS messages to any other SMS Gateway. In other words, SMS providers act as bridges to provide continuous and smooth messaging services at affordable rates.

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Key features of Gateway Providers

Some SMS gateway providers target minimum purchase.

  • For example, a potential SMS providing firm may have a minimum 1,000 credits. Sometimes, you may not be sure about whether application of SMS in your marketing campaign would be a success or not. For such cases, using the SMS credits from an SMS service would be a prudent option, just to invest a small and amount initially without risking complete investment. Once you feel that the desired output is coming in, you can go for more SMS credits.

Generally, the SMS gateway provider does not require any periodic usage. Such needs are more prone to messaging services offered through cellular network operators.

  • For instance, an operator of a mobile network can provide SMS servicesto message users who purchase a minimum of fifty thousand SMSs per month.

If your SMS app has very little SMS traffic, then an SMS gateway provider, who does not have any monthly minimum usage requirement, will be your choice.

  • A suitable example for this is if your SMS app uses a monitoring platform remotely that sends an SMS notification to a network administrator, whenever there is no response on a server, then you should opt for an SMS gateway service that does not need a minimum periodic usage. The reason for this is that most of the time on the monitor server should be run properly. However, the remote monitoring platform rarely sends an SMS message.

Thus, SMS service provider is an important part of SMS marketing. They save your time as well as help with affordable and fast marketing.

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