What are the Best Apps for Workforce Management?

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In simple words, workforce management means managing the workforce of a particular organization. The process includes various activities like training management, human resource management, scheduling and many more. Each of these when done systematically, ensure a productive workforce and a competent organization.

The main aim of doing this management is to improve the performance of the workers thereby maximizing their productivity. This brings about a positive working environment in the organization. There are a number of tools and software to manage things efficiently. Right from staff scheduling to management of time, everything is taken care with these tools.

Mobile Workforce Management app is an application which is mostly used by the employees who work remotely to login to the company’s systems like the attendance, shift management etc. With expanding technology, people prefer using these apps due to the convenience factor and the way in which they effectively manage things.

Types of Workforce apps

  • Location based apps: These apps help in taking important decisions on scheduling and alerts the employers about late coming. This way, timely warnings can be given to the workers.
  • Mobile apps for field service: This app gives complete information about the back-office systems to the mobile field service workers. They can access the data whether they are online or offline.
  • Time and attendance: Time and attendance app provides the timesheet feature where the login time and the work throughout the day can be recorded.
  • Parts management apps: These apps help manage the parts carried by service workers and field engineers. They also enable the tracking of the parts that are to be assigned.

Best Workforce applications

Given below are some workforce apps that are highly beneficial for organizations.

  • UltiPro: This is a cloud-based application which offers better work experiences than many apps. HR professionals prefer this so that the decisions they take are optimum. UltiPro provides ample guidance to the employees to perform payroll calculations, time and attendance management and many other functions.
  • Zoho People: This is a software solution which supports the workers wherever they are located. Zoho People has a user-friendly portal through which the workers can update their personal data, apply for leave etc. It provides features like automated workflows, performance appraisals and travel management to name a few.
  • Kronos Worforce Central: Kronos Worforce Central enables labor tracking, analytics, advanced scheduling and much other functionality. This is an optimized app which provides a centralized system for the organization’s workforce. Every area of the employees’ work lives right from their first day to the last can be managed with this useful application.
  • WorkforceNow: Using this app for organizational activities saves a lot of time and money. It supports features like HR Analytics capabilities, talent management, benefits, payroll etc. WorkforceNow can be integrated to other business applications.

Thus, Mobile Workforce Management app is the need of the hour in any organization because it is essential to rise to the level in which different businesses compete. These apps promise the most efficient ways of managing the workforces of organizations.

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