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The moment one realizes that his or her smartphone is not in possession is a moment when a person literally misses a heartbeat. In this modern technologically advanced age losing your smartphone or even having it stolen ranks top on the list of most frightening experiences as today a smartphone is not just a communicating device but is a holder of all the personal information about the owner of the particular device. so, losing it or being carefree and letting it get stolen is not affordable not just in terms of money but also leak of personal and private information.  It definitely sounds horrible to actually happen to anybody, but if it actually does there is now something you can do about it.gps-tracking-android-app

The most common of the Google searches is ‘find my phone’ and trust me, with the help of these android tracker apps it will be absolutely easy and quick to locate your phone, whether lost or stolen.

  1. Where’s my for android tracker:

This is an extremely reliable form of android tracker which can easily locate your phone. When you realize that your phone has gone missing you can send a code via text which will enable the phone to ring even if it is on the silent mode. Another code provides the GPS location of the phone. The pro version of the app allows clicking pictures from the misplaced phone and also remotely locks it or also remotely wipes out all the data from the phone rendering it useless for the person who has stolen it.

  1. Plan B to find my phone without app:

Now if you ask me how can I find my phone without app if I have not preinstalled it on my device? Plan B is the answer in the form of android phone tracker app to your query. Plan B is a life saver as it locates your smartphone with the help of cell towers and GPS and then forwards the location to the users Gmail inbox. Depending upon the smartphone, this android tracker can also turn on the GPS on the device and send updates about its location every 10 minutes. For android devices who do not support this feature they can text location from a different phone and obtain location on their email account. Also if the device is devoid of a data connection the android phone tracker app can send location updates via SMS also.

  1. Android lost free android phone tracker app:

This is a perfect app for your device as it not only tracks your phone but also very deservingly torments the thief in case your phone is not lost but stolen. With the help of this android tracker app you can remotely make the device ring at its loudest volume along with a flashing screen which is sure to make the thief drop the phone wherever he is. After that you can also enable GPS on the phone and easily know its exact geographical location.

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