Benefits of unlocking an iPhone 6

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Apple Computers are the largest company in the world by market capitalization value. This can be attributed to the fact that they continually produce some of the best consumer products in the world, and they do this on a yearly basis. Its popularity and quality have helped Apple also become possibly the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Among their products which have helped revolutionize the markets, the iPhone 6 comes into mind. It was the first Apple smartphone to be bigger than the 4-inch mark and came with a class-leading camera and specifications. The iPhone 6 and its big brother, the 6 plus have sold over 220 million units since its manufacture. A big proportion of these are sold via contract and most of the customers are not happy.

The complaint is not about the phone, but rather about the carrier they brought the device from. Bad network, unexplained tariffs or bad roaming service, the reasons are quite long. The very purpose of purchasing a phone through a contract to avoid paying the full retail price gets defeated if the network fails to deliver quality service.

How can you get past this issue then?

The answer is quite simple, unlock your smartphone. The process of unlocking an iPhone 6 is a very easy process and should take no less than a few minutes. There are quite a few ways to go about this, but, the safest and the most convenient option would be to use IMEI number of the device. You only need to have the device’s International Mobile Equipment Identity, a unique code given to every single mobile phone on earth.

There are services and websites which can unlock your device using this number, the process involves a simple change in the status of your IMEI, from locked to unlocked. For this, the service also needs to have access to the Apple’s global database of devices. The change is done in a few minutes and you can now use your phone on any network, virtually anywhere on the planet.

What will it do to my device and what other benefits does it bring?

The process does nothing to your device, it only changes the status of your phone from locked to unlocked. No harm to the processor, OS or any other facet of the phone.

A great advantage of the unlocking brings is that it brings up the resell value of your smartphone. As long as you keep the device in tip-top condition, it can fetch a good price over a locked smartphone of the same make and model. The usability of an unlocked smartphone, almost anywhere on earth is what makes it more valuable. So if you have been looking to buy a new iphone and want to finance your purchase, unlocking your old iPhone 6 just might help you out a lot. Aside from the obvious benefits, your phone will also feel and work like how it was intended by the manufacturer. So go ahead, get your device unlocked!

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