Benefits and Methods to change your IP address

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Methods to change your IP addressHow to Change IP address? If you are one of those people who share the same question, chances are you are all too familiar with the benefits that one ma gets from having access to not just one IP Address, but multiple IP Addresses.

However, on the other side of the coin, there is a bunch of people questioning why would anyone own access to multiple IP Addresses? Such question may arise when they are unaware of the benefits and the importance of having numerous proxies, and this is what this article would like to focus on. Not only will we glaze over the importance as well as the benefits of owning multiple IP Addresses, we will also provide you with numerous tips and recommendations.

Benefits of Changing your IP Addresses

The extensive benefits of Changing your IP Addresses may not be known by a small percentage of people, but at times more experienced internet users need to be reminded of them as well. This is largely due to the fact that a lot of these internet users, although perfectly aware of the benefits, still have not acted on it. Some of them chalk it up to the fact that they have zero programming knowledge to do it, and others insist that the process must be complex and they have no time for that – but is it really the case? Before we go straight into the tips and recommendations, check out the following benefits:

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Security has always been the top of internet users’ priority, and having multiple proxies is one way to achieve that. With our IP Address, we risk being detected and spied by hackers who are always after the running SSH. When you have multiple IP Addresses, such information cannot be easily obtained as the IP Addresses would make it less obvious and more difficult for these the hackers to attack your running IP Address.

Exposing commonality between all of your services when you host more than one website and have them mapped to several different IP addresses instead of the available CNAMEs which often leave a traceable link between the services you offer.

Reducing load and speeding your website’s performance are challenging when the multiple IP networks are listed on the same logical and physical V-Lan. With this, it’s possible for you to prevent the traffic from being freely exchanged throughout the gateway.

The aforementioned benefits may not cover all of the benefits that may come with it, but they should be enough to convince you to How to change the IP address, there are two Popular methods to change your IP address.


Proxies are widely used in the virtual world, the Internet. Of the various activities undertaken using proxies, all of which can be categorized into four broad categories. We will discuss them one by one for you.

The use of this proxy is the most popular thing that is often done by the letters. If you are playing or using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others, you can use a proxy for additional security. One can not find your original IP address, so you can be a little protected from the virus injection directly or indirectly.

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Though there are lots of free proxy sites which may change your IP address, the free proxies are not safe to use, if you’re want to use the proxies to change your IP address, I would like you buy paid proxies for the IP address!

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN technologies include a variety of security mechanisms to protect the connection and keep it private when compare the VPN with a proxy. This type of technology is important and useful when connecting to a public and unsecured network such as a Wi-Fi hotspot. This type of technology is also useful for employers who allow employees to telecommute or travel away from the office. There is a need to always stay connected a virtual private network provides the necessary security.

A VPN is a program separate from the Internet Service Provider (ISP). The initial connection is made through the ISP and then “tunneled” to the VPN server. There are a variety of companies that provide virtual private networks, usually for a small monthly fee. These companies typically have servers located throughout the world, allowing their use by anyone no matter where they are in the world.

The VPN works by masking the IP address of the computer and assigning a temporary IP address in its place when that computer is logged onto the Internet. This prevents others from tracking and monitoring an IP address and blocking websites because of government or other entity sanction.

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