Australia Virtual Reality Education: Getting the Right Sets for Classroom Use

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Many schools in Australia have started using virtual reality to bring a whole diversity of realistic and educational experiences to their pupils. The immersive 3D experience helps children and teenagers learn quickly and be fascinated in the process. They can explore a wide range of topics, as well as places in the world, in a most entertaining fashion. When it comes to classroom use, though, not any VR kit will do. You need to pay attention to certain aspects if you want to take the right decision and make a smart purchase.

System complexity: high or low?

What kind of headset should you choose- a sophisticated one or a simple model? The answer is fairly easy here. Neither the teacher nor the children will have the time, energy and experience to deal with complicated devices. The virtual reality experience needs to be accessible on the spot. Therefore, stay away from headset brands that require you to purchase various accessories to have a complete kit. That will only complicate the matter unnecessarily. Also, it’s a strategy to get more money from the customer.

Australia Virtual Reality Education

Focus on standalone headsets

The best kind of VR headset Australia kit for the classroom is one that doesn’t need too many accessories. While most sets needs to be connected to a smartphone or computer, a classroom rather requires a standalone device that makes things less complicated. It will have its apps already integrated and ready for use. Opt for a wireless headset that can be easily employed by the students in the class. This will surely save you a lot of time and trouble

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The necessity of a portal

Even though the functionality is integrated, you will still need to connect your set (wirelessly) to a platform or portal where you can build and access educational programs, as well as manage all the sets available in the classroom. This will allow for efficient lesson planning and progress tracking, too. Plus, it is the easy way to deliver lessons to pupils.

Lesson creation

Teachers will have to create their own lessons to deliver to the class. This will be accomplished via the chosen portal and the available software that connects to the device. They will be free to tailor suitable experiences for the 360-degree environment and present these to the children, according to the curriculum. Various online solutions make lesson creation easy.

Contacting wholesale providers

Get in touch with Australian wholesale providers to buy headsets for the classroom. Otherwise, you risk paying a steep price for devices that are actually meant for individual use and not for a collectivity. The price tag will be more advantageous if you order several pieces from a wholesale retailer. You will be tempted to buy the cheapest ones, such as Google’s Cardboard model, but remember that many children will use these objects in a classroom, repeatedly. You thus need sturdy ones that don’t break easily.

Is a new router necessary?

Many clients opt for a new Internet connection to make sure the headsets are fully connected and functional at all times. However, this isn’t necessary. Classroom virtual reality can work well with the school’s WiFi only, no need to upgrade or buy an additional router.

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Getting a headset for everyone in the class and setting up a platform enables the teacher to deliver resources simultaneously to all pupils. Take your time to do the proper setup, and then everything will come automatically.

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