The amalgamation of Instagram with Email Marketing is a sure shot way to enhance your Business Promotion!

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As an entrepreneur, you should already know that in order to stay at the top of the marketing world and in order to beat your competitors it is essential that you must always innovate your marketing techniques. Marketing techniques will determine how your business grows. Traditionally a useful mode of marketing has been through sending emails in which you would describe your business two recipients and hope they would visit your business website. Instagram marketing is a new strategy which got developed in the last four years, and marketing specialists are still trying to make use of its complete potential. When you integrate Instagram with email marketing, you will be using a novel marketing strategy which can help to expand your business more.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is nothing but an alternate method of traditional marketing which involved calling up potential customers and then telling them about the products you have and then expect them to buy your products. But with email marketing, you will not have to call the potential customer instead you are just required to send some emails to a list of users in which you will be describing the products you have and then providing them with an option for subscribing to these services which you have to offer.

You shall be sending newsletters every month where you will update the recipients about your products and inform them of any upcoming deals and latest developments. However, this type of marketing involves certain risk because of the fact that you will never be completely sure that the recipient is actually going to open your email and read it. This happens because the recipient may feel that the mail you have sent is spam or is vague or they may feel that it is time-consuming or it can also be because they do not like reading textual content. It is here that Instagram can be of use to you.

What is Instagram marketing?

Well, Instagram marketing will involve The Sharing of content which is only of a visual nature on your Instagram profile. The posts that you make on your business profile in Instagram will automatically be appearing in the newsfeed of people who follow you on Instagram. Instagram is quite helpful since it allows only visual content to be uploaded and by this we mean only pictures and videos. Market strategists use this opportunity for uploading images of their products for other users to see, and they can learn more about these products when they click on a link that is given in the caption of these photos. This will offer I’d rather direct way to market your products to the customer, or the user will know about the product that he is expecting when he chooses to buy it.

Combining Instagram and email marketing

The key to a successful marketing campaign in the online business world is by combining Instagram with email marketing. What you are required here to do is continue with your campaign of email marketing however instead of sending a lot of content that is textual in nature you must replace it with a lot of visual content like giving thumbnails of your posts from Instagram about those products which you want to market.

You must show your recipients the number of people who have already taken a liking to your product and have given comments on your posts because this can make the recipient feel that what you are offering is a genuine product. You must also include the promotional campaigns which you run on Instagram and include the direct links of your official business page on Instagram also. You need to request your recipient also to follow you on Instagram and not simply ask them to subscribe to your email newsletters. This can go on to encourage a lot of people to start following your business as some people may not like seeing their email inbox become cluttered with a bunch of unwanted emails.

What are the advantages of such marketing?

You can get a lot of advantages from marketing in this manner. First, too many people will not like going through long emails if they already know that they would be required or requested to buy products which they may not really want or need. However, with Instagram, your recipients will get to see the products beforehand, and this can convince a lot of the first to try your products out and then they might actually buy your products.

Secondly, not a lot of people may feel like reading long emails, and some would just want to read your email perhaps later but then might forget all about it. But with Instagram, this will change since it will take just a few seconds to take a look at the images and you will also be giving them thumbnails from your Instagram page to ensure that the recipients are able to take a quick look and then perhaps decide right there instead of wanting to postpone it. They will have the option of buying your products right then instead of having to wait for this will meet people understand a lot more about the products you have to offer from your images rather than from the textual descriptions stock Instagram will let your users have a more comprehensive understanding of the products and services you provide from the look of the photos which you have given them.

You have to increase your followers for Instagram to get the most out of Instagram for your business purpose. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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