Affordability Should be the Priority

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The experience for a newly migrant, to a city which never sleeps can be utterly bamboozling. Yes here I am talking about the big apple, the island of Manhattan.

There are things which should be considered before this big step so you can be facilely acclimatized to your overwhelming surroundings.

New York is no doubt one of the most expensive cities of the world therefore you need to pay a great heed to affordability factor. It’s very backbreaking to maintain savings in New York until you are willing to starve yourself, so one needs to be totally cautious while making the important decisions such as choosing the right locality. One should be decisive enough whether to rent a house or buy a property. Manhattan is high ticket, choosing other boroughs like queens or Brooklyn can replenish your savings.

To feed your stomach and at the same time not to lighten up your wallet is very challenging, this is where cooking at home comes to rescue.
You might be accustomed to travelling in taxis but in New York, subway is the best option when comes to commuting to long distances.

To keep yourself entertained can also be quite an extravagant task so you will need to cut down on your social life and resort to other methods such as lottery tickets for Shakespeare’s shows. It’s pretty important to consider these factors before relocating else you will be flabbergasted how briskly your money can disappear.

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