Advantages of Multimedia Media Services (MMS)

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The video is a big influencer; video holds average consumer with great power. Incorporating MMS in your mobile plan can help you capture consumer attention. MMS messages are delivered differently as compared to the SMS. Multimedia message service (MMS) is a standard way of sending messages which includes multimedia contents and can be sent to and from a mobile phone over a network. Users may refer to messages as a picture message, PXT or a multimedia message. The most common use of MMS involves sending photographs from handsets which is camera-equipped. SMS restricts the message by allowing it to limit 160 characters which also include space and other punctuations. Unlike SMS, MMS allows the user to deliver a variety of multimedia, including one image, up to forty seconds of video and a slideshow of images or may be an audio clip.

In the past years, media companies are making use of MMS as a method of entertainment, delivering news, and many others. Retailers have utilised it as a tool to provide scan-able coupon code, videos, product images etc. However, the effectiveness of MMS depends on the user’s phone. Someone who uses the android phone may seem to be entertained but it may be too difficult to watch when using a basic phone.

Although Smartphones with multimedia support are frequently used, many people prefer to use basic mobile phones. Different phones support different types of media and format. For instance, the video recorded by you in your Smartphone may not be able to play on other recipient’s phone. Cost can vary depending upon the type of cellular plan. While some define the cost in per kilobyte (kb), others charge per message.

Major advantages of MMS are:

●Share-ability: Due to the use of multiple forms of media, MMS text messages create an entertaining environment for the consumers. They can also forward the MMS to their friends and family members which can be informative as well. Subscribers are eight times more interested in sharing multimedia message rather than SMS.
●Marketing: Integrating SMS and MMS into the marketing strategy is the best way to reach millions of people. Messages can reach people more than any other direct marketing channels. MMS and SMS significantly are low cost, makes high impact, and automated to consume less amount of time.
●Competitions: To attract new customers organising competitions is the perfect way to keep the customers engaged. Q&A is fun, but you may also come up with some games which are related to the product.
●Coupons: By sending your coupons via MMS straight to the mobile, you can drive traffic to your business.
●Verification of ID cards: Using MMS inbound line for identification can be convenient for the sender, and you can receive it through the e-mail.

Brands, businesses, and advertisers can deliver a sensible and powerful message with the help of multimedia content. It can also help in increasing sales, brand recognition, and marketing and promotion strategies. You can also launch bulk MMS which allows sending bulk picture message to the customers.

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