8 Tips for Using SEO to Improve Content Marketing

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Rarely do we stumble across such a complementary combination like SEO and Content Marketing are. Both exist for a while now, but constant advancement of technology sets a new type of need before us, a need for integration. When combined, and utilized properly, SEO and Content Marketing make a great business strategy together. Content is omnipresent nowadays, and people tend to spend a lot of their time browsing through the internet, searching for the right information. Combine that fact with a good content optimization, and you are on your way to potentially having a gold mine underneath your fingers. We are here to advise you on just what you can do to improve your Content Marketing through the means of SEO.


No matter how important and useful SEO can be, it can never help you if you do not have the right content. At the end of the day, you must not forget that your goal will always be to build an audience. That same audience will be responsible for your growth or your downfall, because it is the people who decide what is relevant. Do your research properly and give people what they want. Be original.


Even though Search Engine OptimisationIn London operates on a much higher level now than it used to back in the day when drowning your content with keywords would have been enough. Today, it is much more contextual than that. However, that does not mean that keywords became irrelevant. On the contrary, putting the right amount of keywords in the right places is still highly important for your content optimization. Search engines today use the so called “latent semantic indexing” which is a process that assesses frequencies of particular words and their relations to other words on the page. This means that you should have a myriad of terms that relate highly to your keyword or phrase.

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Search engines use Title tags to determine what content is on the page. Title tags are basically the heading of your HTML. If you think you can, try to slip in a keyword. Additionally, meta descriptions are extremely valuable to people. They are those brief paragraphs that can be read underneath your Title tag. If your meta descriptions are catchy and informative (have keywords), they can boost up your click-through rates.


Links make a huge difference when it comes to SEO. In fact, having a lot of links redirecting to your site is the biggest factor that influences your rating in the search results. Your job is to do the outreach and have plenty of quality websites suggesting your content as a source of additional information. Google takes this one seriously. When you think of it, it’s a form of a democracy. The more other relevant sites recommend you, the bigger the traffic on your site will be.


Let’s face it, our phones are our most prized possessions. We used them for all purposes, and browsing through the internet is just one of them. If you still didn’t develop a mobile-friendly site, make sure you do it as quickly as you possibly can. Having a good marketing strategy means you have to be in touch with modern trends and try to predict what the future will bring, so that when it comes, you can be the first one to show up.

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You may not be aware of it, but your site’s speed can often be the turning point for a lot of people. Research shows that people will likely pass by your site if it takes more than two seconds to load. Make sure you do not have a lot of high resolution large images that can suffocate it.

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We implore you not to throw away your old content. Before you take any actions, do a thorough research on what has brought the most traffic to your site, and try to produce content that is somewhat relatable to it. On the other hand, some topics are evergreen. There are always questions that stand the test of time in every walk of life. If you have those lying around your blog, rest assured they are your golden eggs. 


Quick answers are the boxouts at the top of the Google search results. Now this is what you want to aim for. Very often people seek answer through Google. Quick answers is specifically targeted towards that audience. When you type in a question, Google tries to assess which content answers it most precisely and concisely. What we are saying is, restyle some of your content in a Q&A way.

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