7 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Cloud IT in Calgary Today

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If you have been keeping a track of the world of technology, you would know how fast businesses are embracing cloud computing solutions. It is one of the biggest things to have happened in the world of Information Technology that has broken many barriers in traditional IT which often posed serious challenges to small and medium businesses in terms of expansion. Here, we have put together the seven reasons why you should embrace this revolution in computing today.

  1. Reduce Your Cost of Ownership – For any enterprise, cutting costs immediately translates into increased profits and enhanced competitive edge. Compared to on-premises software and infrastructure, Cloud IT in Calgary allows you to reduce the cost of ownership. Most of them work under the SaaS (software-as-service) model where you have to pay for what you use and not own the entire infrastructure. Cloud service providers split up the cost of ownership between their clients and hence offer you access to technology at lower costs.
  2. Reduces Recurring Costs – When businesses invest in physical IT infrastructure or software, they often tend to ignore the recurring cost of ownership. These include repair and maintenance procedure of the technology;upgradation costs and the cost of having IT experts under their payrolls. In fact, over a cycle of few years, recurring costs can be four times of the initial investment. Cloud solutions, on the other hand, completely do away with such costs and hence improve your profits.
  3. Better Collaboration – Businesses are increasingly spreading out to new locations, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Work from Home are becoming increasingly common in all businesses. In such scenarios, traditional model of owning IT assets offers little value to the business. Cloud IT solutions, on the other hand, offer better collaboration between your team members who may be working from different locations without adding too much financial burden.
  4. Improves Scalability – Your business requirements keep changing with time and this is where cloud computing solutions offer you the biggest benefit. They allow you to scale up and down your access to infrastructure, software, and resources based on the exact needs. This does away with the need to spend huge sums of money on infrastructure, which you may need to deal with the sudden influx of projects. Whether your demand is seasonal or you want to scale up and down operations according to your needs, cloud solutions serve you the best.
  5. Integrates Applications – The days of stand-alone software and applications are gone as most businesses are integrating their IT tools and assets to deal with new challenges of the digital world. Doing so with traditional IT infrastructure can be highly expensive and not always possible. Cloud solutions open up new opportunities for businesses in terms to integration.
  6. Overcome Legacy Problem – The moment you install an on-premises server or buy licensed software, they start to age. Within no time, better software and apps get released in the market and your hardware starts its journey toward becoming legacy equipment that lacks the computing capability of meeting the evolving business needs. It’s similar to owning an iPhone 4S when the world is gearing up for iPhone 8. When you choose Cloud IT in Calgary, you will have access to the latest software and tools that help you overcome the legacy
  7. Trial Option – Last but not the least, cloud IT service providers let you try their services before you subscribe to their plans. This offers you the opportunity to get a firsthandexperience of the capabilities that the system offers and push it to limits. On the other hand, if you are going by the old world way and buy software or hardware, you can only regret if it doesn’t offer you the kind of results you expected from it.
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To sum up, if you want to remain competitive in today’s world, you need to opt for Cloud IT. There are a number of companies that offer Cloud IT and you should choose one that brings in proven track record and also offers value for money.

About the Author: James McCann is a technology consultant and has been educating his clients on the benefits of Cloud IT in Calgary and helps them choose the right plans for their needs.

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