7 Popular WordPress Plugins for SEO

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If you have a wordpress website and want to optimize it for seo then fortunately it’s easy for you because there are a huge number of plugins available on the internet which you can install in your wordpress site to optimize it according to your requirements. However some of the plugins are good and some are not, so in this article i am going to mention few useful and well reputed plugins you can use to optimize your wordpress site for better seo. Here is the list of plugins.


All in One SEO: This is the most popular and widely used seo plugin in blogger community. This plugin comes with all options  which you may need to optimize on page of wordpress site. Through this plugin you can easily update title tag, description tag and meta tag of any page of your wordpress site. This plugin also allows you to add noindex tag to any specific page which you don’t want to index in google.

Seo yoast: Seo yoast is another great plugin for doing onpage optimization of your blog or website. This tools is also similar to all in one seo however it contains a bit different user interface. By installing this tool you can see the progress of on page optimization in percentage.

Seo Ultimate: Seo ultimate is also a very popular and very effective tool to edit tags of your website. This tool also have ability to update your site page’s title tag, meta tag and description tag easily. Another feature which this tool offers is that it automatically extracts author image from g+ profile and displays it in author bio section.

Google XML Sitemap: This plugin is used to generate and submit sitemap of your website with a single click. By installing this plugin you can auto generate your sitemap and submit it to several search engines in no time.

W3 Cache: As you know that site loading speed is also an important factor for seo so you must need a higher loading speed to rank your site in search engines. W3 cache is a great tool to optimize your site loading speed. By installing this tool you can increase your site speed to upto 50 percent or more.

SEO Friendly Images: If you have a lot of images on your blog or you have not optimized all of your blog images by adding alt text then you must need this tool to optimize your blog images in an easy way. With the help of this plugin you can easily update meta tags and alt tags of your blog images easily.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights: If you are having problem with integrating google analytics to your wordpress site then this is the best tool for you. This plugin allows you to add google analytics to your website in a simple way. Now you don’t need to edit programming of your header or footer. After installing this tool, all you need is to add google analytics code and hit save.

These are few great wordpress plugins which can help you to maintain your site on page optimization in an easy way. Hope that this plugins will help you to boost site rankings in an effective way.

Author Bio: This article is published by Sara Jim who is working as digital marketing manager at Bissmik which is one of the best dubai seo company based in UAE.

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