5 Ways to Ensure RTB Benefits you are Branding

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A major chunk of premium media buyers are shifting fast towards real-time bidding (RTB). Real-time buying has taken a prominent share of the digital market with 24.7% of the video spend incurred with RTB.

There are software providers in market who can help in advanced targeting and intelligent selection of ad using RTB, all within 200 milliseconds. The automated ad operation in RTB helps achieve higher efficiency and can process ads in huge bulks maintaining cost structures. RTB software helps in better selling of inventory slices, making access to ad exchanges flexible.

Almost 90% of brand advertisers have taken to real-time buying for quick and efficient execution of branding campaigns. The reason is the ease with which branding campaigns can be planned and updated in real time by using performance analytics. To understand how RTB has been more effective for branding, let us look at these five pure benefits.

1.Premium inventory access

By using programmatic, publishers and advertisers get a controlled buying environment from private exchanges. However, the option of advertisers making exclusive partnerships with particular publishers, and benefitting from RTB platforms, is a more popular option, especially for premium-inventory related ad buying. A more relevant option of acquiring local ads is to look for local inventories.

2.Valuation and buying of ads on impression basis

Using RTB, you can bid on a single impression instead of buying in bulk. Buyers just have to agree on a prefixed price quote. This is more cost effective and reduces media waste. Moreover, it stops media buyers from spending unnecessarily on impressions which may never be used. Using RTB, you can change impressions midway in a campaign. You can do that based on the feedback analytics received in real time. RTB means that brands will pay only for those impressions that hold their worth.


Advertisers buying ads know exactly where their ads are running alongside their campaign. There are publishers who provide advertiser reports on each and every site to help advertisers adjust their target-site lists at any time during a campaign. The real-time buyers are now using programmatic solutions to verify and rank their impressions. This is based on the different properties these impressions come with. Transparency is almost taken as the first step to measure the standard of page context and brand safety. To further act on the promises RTB makes and actually delivers, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has constructed some Quality Assurance Guidelines to help ad exchanges and networks.

4.Real-time optimization

Any ad campaign can be updated in real-time using RTB as performance data is made available to the advertisers while the campaign is on. Using programmatic solution in RTB platform, advertisers can now adjust their stories in case some big news hits the market. Based on performance, this can also add or remove impressions from site lists of their ongoing campaigns.

5.Focusing on technology

Safeguarding your strategies against loopholes in the IAB guidelines, drawing maximum out of platforms, real-time data and efficient targeting requires a well-tailored media technology solution. The benefits of first and third-party data are so many, that advertisers realize they cannot do without data for targeting the right audience segments. Using third-party data vendors, advertisers are now identify ideal audience segments with well defined attributes. First-party data can help advertisers optimize their customers with the help of their personal data repositories, or on the basis of known value. RTB is a programmatic solution that allows advertisers access the media they want, and for the audiences they have specifically chosen.

When it comes to delivering what brand advertisers want out of their campaigns, RTB seems to have outwitted all. Ad campaigns in RTB are fast, transparent, and come with accountability. The advanced features of RTB provide an edge to the brands in digital advertising.

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