5 SEO Tactics that can help you to Get Fast Growth in Your Career

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In today’s digital world, online presence is everything for the business owners to increase their productivity. Everything is available on the internet today; you can easily get desired result within few seconds just by typing your keyword or query on different search engines.

But did you ever think how it happens and how google shows you some good results? How google define the ranking of each website? Well, there is the answer to all your questions. The real magic behind all this is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is the most used technique to generate the organic/natural traffic on any website. It is still very important to get good ranking on google or on other search engines. Because of its importance, it has become the first career choice of many aspirants. Job seekers who are looking for the SEO jobs in Malaysia can easily get by applying through online job portals.


There are many new businesses who are still struggling to get number one rank on SERP. In this article I am going to share some valuable tips which will help you in getting good ranking as well as fast growth in your career.

  1. Understand and use relevant keywords:

SEO can be considered as a simple game of keywords. A user visits your website by using a set of different keywords. You can research manually what kind of keywords user looking for and can use different tools like google keyword planner, keyword explorer etc. to find out relevant keywords.

Also, use long tail keywords and semantic to improve the ranking factor.

  1. Maintain quality of content:

Yes, now content is everything. Without good quality content you can’t imagine to stand out in such a competitive market. You need to be more careful about creating interesting and meaningful content for your audience. The best way to do this in a right manner is competitive analysis. Optimize your website, Understand your audience needs and observe what kind of keywords and content your competitor used. Focus on producing high quality content rather than just on quantity.

  1. Improve Internal Linking:

Internal links are something that you definitely need to have on your website. If you want to quickly gain a good amount of traffic to your site, then good internal linking is must. People love to use the sites that are easy to navigate. So, make sure that your website doesn’t contain any broken or irrelevant links, because it can distract your visitors.

Picture1234Make Mobile-friendly Website:

If your website is not mobile friendly yet, then it may be a serious issue in coming future. It is fact that, around 90% smartphone users use their devices to search local brands, 8 out of 10 customers prefer to user smartphones to shop online. It is a big ranking factor and google gives priority to those sites first which are mobile friendly.

  1. Keep yourself Up-to-date with new google updates:

Every day or every month google release a new update. To get good ranking it is also necessary to be updated with latest tools and Google algorithms. You can make changes in your website according to new Google updates and can easily maintain your ranking on SERP.

These are many other ways to get good ranking on search engine. As per my experience, I have shared the top 5 tips to enhance website traffic. You can share other tips and tricks with me in the comments section.

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