3 Remarkable Marketing Technology Trends CMOs Should Follow In 2018

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The business world and technology are inextricably interwoven to each other. I think, no one can talk about one without the talking about the other. Yes, we are in an era where businesses are hooked on technology, and the emergence of interactive technological innovations have brought a lot of opportunities for marketers.

One of the essential hallmarks of any thought-provoked leader is the ability to use his/her knowledge to convey their thoughts and comments on the trends and endeavors that are currently being used or one that hasn’t fully come to fruition. It’s not just about the ability, but a foremost objective of any CMO or marketer is to design and implement the most trendy and result-oriented marketing strategies to achieve the goal. While understanding what the customers want, when they need it and with a blend of irresistible apps and trends, marketers will certainly gain the stars.

So what the marketing technology trends the CMOs need to follow in 2018? Let’s explore:

  • Artificial Intelligence Solutions Re-Shaping Marketing

Lately, in 1991, Bill Gates predicted that one-day computers would have the same ability just like the humans have. At that moment, it seemed difficult, however today it has become a pinching reality with Artificial Intelligence. AI is playing a major role in empowering the customer journey. In fact, Microsoft has started leveraging Artificial Intelligence for different niches like healthcare, agricultural, marketing and software development solutions, empowering bot concepts, and working on the quality of virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana and more.

The survey done by Gartner conveys, 59% companies are accumulating information for an AI solution, while remaining have already adopted AI strategies for their business growth. (Source)

Today, the most common issue for the companies is ‘how to benefit from AI and Data collectively?’ to gain the most precise and effective marketing decision/strategy.  When you properly analyze the data collected online, with help of AI and Machine learning, the marketers not just have the power to design the best and unbeatable marketing strategies, but can predict customer behavior easily.

  • Blockchain Is Set To Rule

With the increasing digital solutions, the need for security solutions has definitely reached its peak. And, so does the acceptance of most talked about technology – Blockchain has grown in every sector from finance to software development services. A shared, distributed and decentralized ledger does not allow any third party to be an interference between two connected modules. Hence, Blockchain is the new meaning for providing transparency and diminishing the fear of fraud and forged documents. So how can Blockchain help marketers?

Blockchain helps marketers to build a factual brand image, the transparency factor helps them to run and market the campaigns without any inference. The traditional marketing methods followed earlier helped brands to create false stories, but Blockchain will help companies to build a positive and realistic image.

  • Data Analytics – The Reason Behind Accurate Marketing Strategies

Data AnalyticsThe chief objective of any marketing campaign is “convey the right message to the right person and at the right time”. With the enhancement in Machine learning and data analytics, reaching target audience has become simple. Yes, now you can easily know a customer’s behavior, with micro details like when they come online, what they like the most, how they navigate, age, gender, geographical location, interest and more. By knowing the details, CMOs can easily rectify their weakness and work on the strong areas. Therefore, with such disruptive technologies now you can design a smart and effective marketing strategy while empowering the customers to gain more personalized experience.

The changing time will bring change in strategies, though one thing that will stay constant over time is catering ‘best customer experience’. The CMOs will now have various technological tools to bring out the best for the companies and customers benefit.

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