10 Advanced SEO Techniques To Increase Search Traffic on our websites

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The entire purpose of having a website is defeated when not many people visit it and therefore it becomes important to conduct efforts that improve its visibility for people to find it easily. Search Engine Optimization is the process that is used for the purpose and in this article, we will share some advanced SEO techniques that can be used for better website traffic.

1. Audit Of The Website

An optimization audit evaluates all the parameter that affect the SERP rankings of a website including technical aspects like average page loading time and SEO- centric factors like titles, tags, meta descriptions, URL structure, broken links and overall quality of the content. The data collected in this manner helps in the formulation of an effective and comprehensive strategy that ensures that the visitors get an enhanced experience on visiting the service and its popularity increases.

2. Optimized Landing Pages

Most internet users are looking for very specific solutions and therefore it will be extremely beneficial to create and optimize the landing pages of the various features of your service. Identify the facilities that you provide, isolate the most appropriate keywords and create dedicated pages designed around them with useful and unique written content. The visitors must find the given information helpful as it will help in raising the credibility of your website and drive good traffic to it.

3. Responsive Websites

A lot of people surf the internet through handheld devices like smartphones and tablets which makes investing in facilities that can be easily viewed on such gadgets without compromising on any aspect of the user experience. Employing any company specializing in WordPress customization services will help you in getting a mobile- friendly utility that will keep the considerable traffic coming from smart devices engaged with your website.

4. Use Infographics

Graphical visual representations better known as infographics can be a very handy tool in attracting people towards your offering. Embellishing the content with visual aids like bar graphs or charts that present data in an easy to understand form assists not only ineffective communication but also increases the user engagement. A guest is more likely to share a graphic that immediately conveys the point rather than a long article which will take substantial reading time.

5. Deep Link The Internal Pages

This is an advanced SEO technique that is usually not practiced by many owners but if done properly can be extremely advantageous. Use anchor texts i.e including a hyperlink in a content, to direct guests to other related pages of your service, which contain more useful information or call to action buttons and help in a better conversion rate.

6. Latent Semantic Indexing

It is a technique that helps search engines in identifying related terms of a particular keyword and its synonyms for establishing the relevance of the given content. On finding the material to be pertinent to a search query, it will be presented higher up in the results improving its chances of generating good traffic.

7. Analysis of Competitor’s Keywords

Another tactic that can help in bettering the performance of your virtual server is to research the best performing keywords of your rival’s entity and design content that is different and provides more value than it. Build natural links to these new pages and in time you will notice an improvement in your SERP rankings.

8. Utilize Old Content

Most websites develop a library of archives over a period of time but as the focus shifts to newer posts, these old blogs which are still generating traffic are forgotten. Zero in on the archived pages that are performing the best and start updating the information contained in them with the help of latest data and statistics.

9. Get Active On Authoritative Platforms

Build a credible presence on high authority domains like Quora and Slideshare which are used for sharing of good quality information as it can be extremely beneficial with not only helping in growing engagement with your client base but also in better search engine rankings.

10. Customer Feedback Evaluation

The collection and evaluation of the data in the form of responses that users of your service provider are vital for the formulation of the overall SEO strategy as it helps in finding out whether the content that is being uploaded on your virtual amenity is relevant and usable.


A website is a good instrument for generating business and building up a brand but it needs a well-thought-out strategy for optimum results which can be planned by using these advanced SEO techniques.

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